A Great Education at Slayton Minnesota Schools

If you’re looking for a small town with a great school district, a place where the community not only cheers on its sports teams, but also the band and choir, then Slayton, Minnesota may be the perfect community for your family.

MCC rebels football
MCC Rebels football game

The Slayton Minnesota school district goes by the name MCC, which stands for Murray County Central. MCC has a proud heritage of educating students, creating fun and winning sports teams, and providing excellent music and arts programs. K-12 grades attend the MCC schools, all right in Slayton and within walking distance from each other. On any given school day you’ll see buses dropping off kids, students practicing sports outside and inside, and teachers greeting students as they enter the buildings.

MCC School Stats:

  • 96.75% average four-year graduation rate
  • 15:1 student-to-staff ratio
  • 21.4 average 4-year ACT composite score

Check out the MCC website to learn more.